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Post Scaling & Polishing Instructions

scaling & polishing before/after

1. Post operative sensitivity after scaling and polishing is expected to be experienced for 3-4days. Afterwards, the sensitivity will reduce gradually.

2. Avoid too hot or too cold food for 3-4 days to minimize the sensitivity.

3. Continue following your regular oral hygiene regimen, just be gentle for 2 -3 days post-scaling.

4.Use Chlorehexidine mouthwash prescribed to you for 8 days, twice a day without diluting the solution.

This will help reduce the gum inflammation and infection due to the previously present tartar and deposits.

5. Once the Chlorehexidine mouthwash course is completed, kindly shift to any non-medicated mouthwash which is available over-the- counter (such as Colgate Plax or Listerene).

6. Apply the analgesic and antibiotic ointment in the sensitive area 10 mins before meals. This will help reduce the sensitivity while having food. The numbness developed on application of this ointment gradually decreases within 15-20mins.

7. Start using dental floss twice a day after brushing to keep the areas in between teeth clean and healthy.

8. If required, also use interdental brush, as prescribed by us, to maintain interdental areas.

9. In case, the sensitivity persists even after 8 days post-scaling, feel free to communicate the same with us in our follow-up call. We can use stronger desensitizer pastes available in the clinic in such cases.

10. Refrain from smoking for atleast 48 hours after scaling and polishing. Tobacco delays healing of the tissues.

11. Keep a watch on the deposits build-ups and get scaling and polishing done every 6 months or once a year to maintain your oral health.

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