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Post-Denture Delivery Instructions

dentist showing set of dentures
  1. New dentures are your new body parts. It will take some time for you to get used to them. Average time required is 8-10days .

  2. Maintain your follow up appointment schedule given by your prosthodontist, follow ups are as important as the denture insertion appointment.

  3. Initially there occurs a lot of salivation ,when you start using new dentures. This excessive salivation will reduce as and only if you start using the dentures regularly.

  4. Do not expect to be able to eat everything with dentures on the very first day!

  5. Start with liquids, shift to semi solid foods( khichdi, Shira, upma, etc.) and then shift to regular meals. This way you get used to chewing with dentures in a step wise manner.

  6. Always remove your dentures every night before sleeping.

  7. Always keep the dentures immersed in normal temperature water when you aren't wearing them.

  8. Speak as much as you can wearing new dentures in initial 8-10days. This way you easily get used to the dentures and also the rate of salivation decreases.

  9. Always brush only on the teeth side of dentures. The reverse side has you measurements and needs to be cleaned using fingers.

  10. While chewing using dentures, make sure food in in between teeth on both the sides and try to bite on both sides. This needs practice as we are used to chewing on side with our natural teeth

  11. If you have been advised to use denture adhesive powder by your prosthodontist, kindly make sure you clean the powder from the denture surface as well as from the gums regularly. There are chances of developing fungal infections if powder stays on gums for long.

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