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Denture Cleaning Instructions

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Denture cleaning

1. Always keep your dentures immersed in clean, normal temperature water

2.change the water everyday.

3. Use a soft brush and mild soap water to clean your dentures twice a day everyday.

4. Avoid using toothpastes for cleaning dentures as they cause micro-scratches due to abrasive agents present in it and this leads to staining of the dentures after few days

5. Once a week, use a denture cleansing tablet or powder ,which is dispersible in water ,for cleansing the dentures.

Keep your dentures overnight soaked in the tablet water.

5. Apply tooth brush only on the teeth portion and polishes denture base portion. Do not clean the underside of the dentures with the Toothbrush. This way the impressions and measurements get rubbed of and dentures might become loose.

6. After every meal, remove the dentures ,clean under running water ,rinse and wear.

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