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Post Extraction instructions

The difficult part is over, the tooth and infection is out. Kindly go through these instructions and follow them to help the extraction wound to heal properly.

Image by Jon Tyson of dental istruments
  • Bite on the cotton for 1 hour, [it acts as a pressure pack to stop the bleeding.]

  • After 1 hour remove the cotton with your hands. Don't spit it.

  • Have a plain ice-cream without any nuts after you remove the cotton (Eat the ice-cream with a spoon, don't have a candy or a cone) and take the 1st dose of prescribed medicines immediately after the ice-cream.

Instructions for the first 24 hours.

This following instructions are extremely important for good and fast healing of your extraction wound.

You will have the taste of blood or medicines in the mouth. You might feel like spitting it out, but keep swallowing. You can drink water to get rid of the taste.

  • Don't spit.

  • Don't Gargle/rinse your mouth

  • Don't use a straw

[The removal of tooth creates an empty tooth socket (like a hole) in your jaw bone. In the first 1 hour a blood clot forms in that hole. Eventually this blood clot transforms into new bone, so the clot is important. It takes 24 hours for the clot to get firmly attached to the socket walls. Doing any of the above mentioned activities might lead to the clot getting dislodged, which might restart bleeding or can lead to a condition called dry socket, in which the socket stops healing and is very painful.]


  • If you had a surgical extraction or a wisdom tooth extraction, a swelling on that side of face is expected in most cases. The swelling increases for the 1st 72 hours, and starts reducing in next 72 hours. In total 7-10 days its completely gone.

    • Don't eat anything Hot, Hard or Spicy for the 1st 24 hours. [Eating anything hot, hard or spicy can lead to hot fermentation which leads to a bigger swelling which doesn't go away for 2-3 weeks.]

    • What to Eat ? You can have anything Cold, Soft and Bland like Dal-Rice, Sheera, Upma, Oats, etc.

    • If possible, Do Ice Appplication for 15 mins every 2-3 hours. This will reduce the size of swelling you develop.

    • You feel the bleeding hasn't stopped ? Getting the taste of blood ? Its cause of blood oozing out of the socket, its normal. If you want to check if its bleeding excessively, check your tongue in mirror, if it its covered in blood, contact Dr. Mohit immediately.


What to do after 24 hours, If you have followed the instructions properly your extraction wound is well set on its way to healing. And will heal completely in next 1 week

  • You can start eating regular food like Roti-Sabji, avoid having hard foods as much as you can for 1 week. Bits of hard food can get lodged in the healing socket and lead to infections.

  • Try to keep the socket clean by gargling after you eat anything.

  • Brush twice a day. Be careful while brushing in the area of socket. In case of surgical extractions the bristles can get entangled in the stitches and pull/break them, or can cause an injury to the gums around the healing socket. You can clean the area of socket with a finger, if you are comfortable doing that.


Follow up visit after 7 days for suture removal (surgical extraction)

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